She likes whiskey with her water.

"Dont know, don't care. Just make it classy."
Delta three, delta tri, delta delta til I die ∞

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I recognize the Battle of Hogwarts as a legit historical event. 

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"I can sort of see your bra through your shirt"

oh no

now everyone knows that I, a 22 year old female, wear a bra

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i have three sides to myself..

one wants to be an adult and get married and have my own house and job and babies and all those fun things

and then another wants to be 21 and go out with my friends and have fun and be a college kid

and then the last side wants me to stay at home with my mom and watch disney movies and never ever think about big people things.

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"After he left I cried for a week. And then I realized I do have faith, faith in myself. Faith that I will one day meet someone who would be sure I was the one."

Carrie Bradshaw (via seabelle)

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  • me: i want to lose weight
  • me: i want small arms
  • me: i want a flat stomach
  • me: i want to be thin
  • me: i want skinny legs
  • me: *sees mcdonald*
  • me: YOLO
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